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A belated happy New Year to all St. Joseph's families, we hope you are all well. We recently held our first PTA meeting of 2021 and, as promised, wanted to let you know that last half term's Christmas FUNdraising raised over £4,500. This brings our total for the last term to over £7,000! We are amazed by the support and generosity our school community continues to show during this difficult time. We know that 2021 has brought further challenges and we understand that for some of you fundraising will not be a priority at the moment. 

We are currently working on a few ideas which we hope will bring some much needed fun and entertainment during the weeks ahead, and at the same time continue to contribute towards our target to raise £10,000 so the school can buy some much-needed laptops; you will hear more from us about these soon. 

Remember, if you would like to request any 'pre loved' uniform, you can use the form below to order. For families who need extra supplies or other support, we have provisions boxes at the ready and people on hand to help. Email us at if you need us.

Second Hand Uniform Order Form

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